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At R-MOR, we believe technology and human oversight alone do not provide adequate protection from today’s ever-changing threats. That is why R-MOR’s experienced leadership team takes a hands-on approach with each client to develop security solutions that recognize, analyze and resolve threats. We also provide effective countermeasures and personnel training to mitigate future issues and enable business continuity. R-MOR specializes in security for mission-critical functions.

Cyber Defense
Risk Management
Red Team
Technological Solutions
VIP Services
  • Corporate and country-level cyber defense solutions

  • An effective balance of risk and budgetary consideration

  • Situational awareness of the cyberspace for decision-makers with varying degrees of cyber expertise

  • Combine a range of warfare strategies in developing solutions to evolving cyber threats 

  • Develop and implement advanced training methods and modules that meet the needs of the full scale of the workforce 

  • Threat evaluation, gap analysis, risk level evaluation, and recommended security solution 

  • Develop a Security Master Plan (SMP)

  • Geopolitical and commercial analysis

  • Consequences and impact evaluation 

  • Classic theoretical training.

  • Advanced hands-on training on cutting edge 'gamified' platform.

  • Unique training modules for all ranks of the workforce

  • Awareness programs for all employees on all levels

  • Assessment and identification of existing security

  • Simulation of physical and cyber attacks on existing systems 

  • CONOPS – Concept of Operation

  • CONTECH – Concept of Technology

  • Proven experience in identifying, developing, and integrating technology solutions

  • A balance between technical requirements and budgetary consideration 

  • Develop, design, and plan of integrated holistic security solutions, systems and advanced command centers

  • Extend protections to the individual physical and logical assets

  • Enhance cyber security to a VIP's house and office using custom made devices

  • Providing a safe environment for all residents of the VIP

  • Conducting forensics on VIP devices for data leakage