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What We Can Do For You

Cutting Edge Technology

Ever-growing digital infrastructure constantly increases the exposure of your assets, enabling attackers to detect more and more vulnerabilities. Therefore R-MOR developed a fully automated cyber threat detection tool. Our technology automatically identifies and manages all your vulnerabilities using a ground-breaking combination of cyber defense and web-intelligence methodologies.

Web-Intelligence Fused With Cyber Security

RECONIZER™ is scanning and collecting data continuously from thousands of WEBINT, social engineering, and cyber intelligence sources, processing it and generating correlations relevant to the customer's cyber assets. The process is performed to identify weaknesses (also referred to as vulnerabilities), including the potential for unauthorized parties to gain access to the organization's data, enabling a full risk assessment to be completed.

Scanning All Layers Of The Internet

Our system scans all three layers of the internet (public, deep and dark) to identify assets belonging to the client. The system has a cutting-edge engine developed to infiltrate closed groups, forums and gain public information to identify weaknesses per client.

Providing Detailed Security Gap Report With Mitigation

Each scan deliverable is generated with R-MOR's unique signature. R-MOR is proud of its proud of its sophisticated reporting from the content and visuals to its practicality. The report contains technical guidance and explanations for the technological team and executive (Business impact) non-technical explanations for the management. Each issue found has its comprehensive mitigation recommendations to minimize the threat exposure. 

Agentless Scanning

The advantage of agentless technologies is that they remove the barriers associated with installing additional software, which can be a substantial process for machines already in use, especially for mission-critical servers running in a data center. Adhering to security protocols, software incompatibility issues, ensuring the latest version of an agent is installed, and the overhead of updating agents on thousands of devices are just some of the barriers IT departments face when it comes to deploying software. 

Identifying All Your Assets

RECONIZER™ has hundreds of thousands of sources in which it collects all the data like an attacker would do. The system also utilizes other paid dedicated web-intelligence systems designed to enhance, collect, and analyze data from closed sources. Thus, it gives the RECONIZER™ system the technological edge to identify assets belonging to the client, sometimes without the client realizing that it belongs to him. Once identifying the assets and analyzing them for security gaps, the system will create a 'vector-of-attack' (VOA) to identify exploitable ones.

Advanced Visualization

RECONIZER™ platform contains an advanced visualization tool. It understands the relationship between URLs, domains, IP addresses, and other items encountered in an ongoing investigation. You can pivot intelligently over any vulnerability or VOA (Vector of attack) found with it.

No IP / Domain Limitations 

One of our main advantages is that we do not price our technology by the number of IPs we scan or domain names. We do not believe that IPs should limit the resulting quality. Therefore we do not price it that way.

Continuous Scan Coverage

Continuos scans weekly for continuous coverage for changes.

Vulnerability Management

Quickly scan for the latest vulnerabilities and CVEs using the latest commercial and open source vulnerability scanners.

Penetration Testing

Automate the discovery of vulnerabilities and ethical exploitation using the latest hacking and open source security tools.

Blue Team Training

Strengthen `blue team` response and detection capabilities against automated penetration testing techniques.

Attack Surface Discovery

Easily discover the attack surface (IPs, domain names, open ports, HTTP headers, etc.).

IT Asset Inventory

Search, sort and filter for DNS, IP, title, status, server headers, WAF and open TCP/UDP ports of the entire attack surface inventory.

Access Your Workspace

Search, sort and manage all of your workspaces easily.

Detailed Host Reports

Dig deeper into each host in your workspace to get more details.

Proffesional Services

Let us do all the heavy lifting. Enjoy analyzed data delivered to you while you sit back and apply our recommendations. Simple and easy.

OSINT Collection

Collect online documents, meta data, email addresses and contact information automatically.

Latest CVEs

Automate the discovery of the attack surface and scan for the latest vulnerabilities and CVEs easily.

Web Application Scans

Launch web application scans via Burpsuite Professional 2.x, Arachni and Nikto.

Notifications & Changes

Receive notifications for scan and host status changes, URL and domain changes and new vulnerabilities discovered.


Export the entire attack surface host list and vulnerability reports to CSV, XLS or PDF format to filter, sort and view all attack surface data.

Domain Takeovers

List all DNS records vulnerable to domain hijacking and takeover.

Visual Recon

Perform visual recon against all hosts in your workspace using the Slideshow widget and thumbnails.


"Securing a computer system has traditionally been a battle of wits: the penetrator tries to find the holes, and the designer tries to close them"

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