Yacht and superyachts cybersecurity defense

Yacht and Superyachts offer owners the freedom to live luxuriously in a place in the world. Nevertheless, their freedom is still at risk of cyber-attacks. Cyber criminal’s primary goal is exploiting assets of individuals. Yacht owners are high-value targets of financial fraud, ransomware attacks and the exploitation of various yacht assets. These ultra-connected vessels are usually managed from one central management system that controls the navigation, engine, entertainment system, lighting, air conditioning, security systems and of course, on-board devices such as phones, PC's and more. R-MOR developed unique cyber solutions and methodologies to secure yacht and owners from cybercrime, providing high-profile individuals the peace of mind they need while exploring the world.



Most of the cybersecurity-related attacks are attributed to human involvement. We address this with our state-of-the-art web intelligence system which allows us to monitor the internet and darknet layers for threats related to the client. A timely report is provided to the client with evidence of chatter, malicious activity planned and any other relevant information that may harm the client.


Cyber security monitoring and subsequent reviews are carried out throughout the year based on the vessel’s activity. Our primary goal is to effectively manage the cybersecurity of the vessel and maintain its security. Working closely with the captain, crew and land-based management, every factor of the yacht’s operation is considered including schedules, personnel and the integration of IT & OT systems.


The speed at which incidents are identified and dealt with makes a significant difference in controlling the associated risks, cost, exposure and damage to reputation. Effective Cyber Incident Response (CIR) management reduces the risk of incidents occurring, helps detect incidents early and develops a more robust defense against future attacks that can potentially save millions. First responders provide cyber forensics and crisis management along with technical response and remediation decisions, which includes containment and identification of the root cause for all cyber incident alerts.


A custom-built device providing cyber defense to onboard systems and entertainment systems from malicious activity while anchored or at sea.  This device provides 360-degree security for all incoming traffic from the internet directly to the vesicle.  Inspects each communication packet from the internet for malicious activity and blocks any attempt to influence any asset in the vesicle. The device is idle for yachts, ports and club facilities.


  • 24/7 security monitoring and threat analytics designed specifically to look for threats to the vessel.

  • Bespoke intrusion alerts.

  • Deception and decoy technology, marine-focused with an immediate alert of activity.

  • Internet and dark web monitoring of clients, names, routes, and targets.

  • Geolocation monitoring for social and web posts.