Cyber defense is essential in today’s changing landscape

Today new technologies are transforming how businesses operate, including in the legal space. And while the digitization of documents presents many benefits, interconnected IT systems and cloud storage also bring new risks when it comes to the security of sensitive information. For law firms, where confidentiality is paramount, a breach in IT security can mean a lost case, liability exposure, and economic damage to clients, not to mention a tarnished reputation. With threats ranging from criminal and malicious attacks to human error, an extensive cybersecurity plan is essential in today’s ever-changing digital landscape.


R-MOR’s experienced leadership team takes a hands-on approach with each client to develop security plans that recognize, analyze, and resolve threats.

We work with clients across the legal sector to:

  • Design: Effective and efficient cyber defense strategies.

  • Confidentiality: Ensure data integrity, privacy, and security.

  • Privacy: Monitor and block data to ensure a minimum of potential data leakage.

  • Secrecy: Implement sophisticated data encryption.

  • Detection: Leverage innovative methodologies to overcome new hacking challenges.

  • Network Access: Secure network access for employees and guests.

  • Compliance: Achieve compliance with government regulations.