Cyber defense is essential in today’s changing landscape

New technologies are transforming the way utility companies operate. And while the digitization of the industry presents many benefits, the broadband integration of power generation, transmission, and delivery brings new risks. With threats ranging from a human error to criminal and malicious attacks, an extensive cybersecurity plan is essential for the integrity of critical computer-controlled processes and sensitive information, the continuity of ongoing operations, and to meet government regulations.


R-MOR’s experienced leadership team takes a hands-on approach with each client to develop security plans that recognize, analyze, and resolve threats.

We work with clients across the manufacturing sector to:

  • Design: Effective and efficient cyber defense strategies.

  • Confidentiality: Ensure data integrity, privacy, and security.

  • Privacy: Monitor and block data to ensure a minimum of potential data leakage.

  • Secrecy: Implement sophisticated data encryption.

  • Detection: Leverage innovative methodologies to overcome new hacking challenges.

  • Network Access: Secure network access for employees and guests.

  • Compliance: Achieve compliance with government regulations.

R-MOR also works with clients to identify and prevent system errors and potential system malfunctions, as well as to eliminate bottlenecks that hinder services and sales. We provide effective countermeasures and personnel training to mitigate future issues and enable business continuity. At RMOR, our services not only ensure a high level of security, but enable clients to better serve patients, reduce overall IT costs, and enhance revenue.