Cyber Defense is Essential in Today’s Changing Landscape

Critical infrastructures and services face a major challenge in terms of cybersecurity. Digital transformation, as well as legal requirements, among many other conditioning factors, demand for greater protection and cybersecurity for such critical infrastructures.

Critical infrastructures are not only the government’s concern since they encompass sectors such as Utilities, Transport, Chemicals, Telecommunications, Finance, Health, etc. You can see the industries considered as critical:



Critical infrastructures are highly susceptible to cyber-attacks. Concern for cybersecurity is rooted in the continuity of the activity and services rendered to the citizens. A minor interruption of the service could generate a major impact on an organization and, as a consequence, on large numbers of people.

We work with clients across the industries to:


  • Network: Preserve security on the network.

  • Operational Continuity: Maintain continuity and security of the network and applications.

  • Confidentiality: Provide solutions for data secrecy.

  • Integration: Integrate new security systems, equipment, and protocols.

  • HLD: Promote prevention through better planning.

  • Efficiency: Improve city-wide services.

  • Compliance: Achieve and maintain regulatory compliance.

We also work with clients to identify and prevent system errors and potential system malfunctions, as well as to eliminate bottlenecks that hinder services and sales. We provide effective countermeasures and personnel training to mitigate future issues and enable business continuity. At RMOR, our services not only ensure a high level of security, but enable clients to better serve patients, reduce overall IT costs, and enhance revenue.