Cyber defense is essential in today’s changing landscape

The aviation industry remains a prime target for terrorism. Today, layers of international and domestic security regulations, combined with the broadband integration of screening and security equipment, add complexity to the already daunting security challenges faced by airports and airline operators worldwide

The digitization of traveler information, including biometric databases, requires a new level of IT security and an aggressive cyber defense plan. With the right security architecture, airports and airlines can stay ahead of technological challenges while lowering operating costs, improving traveler experiences, and meeting strict security regulations.


R-MOR’s experienced leadership team takes a hands-on approach with each client to develop security plans that recognize, analyze, and resolve a wide range of threats, both in the physical and cyber domains. In the aviation sector, our deep experience as security regulators helps clients navigate and comply with complex international and domestic aviation security requirements.

We work with clients across the aviation industry to:


Attack Vector: Assess all possible threats, including coordinating airport and airline security surveys.

• Secure Strategy: Design protection circles.

• Command and Control: Coordinate airport/area access control.

• Secure Boarding: Develop a passenger screening methodology.

Policies: Cooperate and comply with law enforcement.

Training: Train personnel for suspicious activity.

Emergency Protocol: Develop emergency security protocols for various situations,

DR: Develop emergency recovery plans.

Secure Logistics: Coordinate facilities security, Conduct cargo screening.

Integration: Identify and integrate advanced technology solutions with existing systems.

We also work with clients to identify and prevent system errors and potential system malfunctions, as well as to eliminate bottlenecks that hinder services and sales. We provide effective countermeasures and personnel training to mitigate future issues and enable business continuity. At RMOR, our services not only ensure a high level of security, but enable clients to better serve patients, reduce overall IT costs, and enhance revenue.