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Reveal Your True
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The RECONIZER™ is the world's leading external risk assessment cybersecurity platform. Identify and protect all your exposed assets online.

External Cyber Assessment

Hacker Activity Mimicking

No Need For Client Installations

All Your Online Vulnerabilities Revealed


The RECONIZER™ is an AI driven technology that minimizes the digital attack surface from a hacker's point of view.


Why Choose RECONIZER™ 

Why Choose RECONIZER™ 

Why Choose RECONIZER™ 

Why Choose RECONIZER™ 

Cutting Edge Technology

Ever-growing digital infrastructure constantly increases the exposure of your assets, enabling attackers to detect more and more vulnerabilities. Therefore R-MOR developed a fully automated cyber threat detection tool. Our technology automatically identifies and manages all your vulnerabilities using a ground-breaking combination of cyber defense and web intelligence methodologies.


The RECONIZER™ platform contains an advanced visualization tool.

It understands the relationship between URLs, domains, IP addresses, and other items encountered in an ongoing investigation. 

You can pivot intelligently over any vulnerability, or VOA (Vector of attack) found with it.

Web-Intelligence Fused With Cyber Security 

The RECONIZER™ is scanning and collecting data continuously from thousands of WEBINT, social engineering, and cyber intelligence sources, processing it, and generating correlations relevant to the customer’s cyber assets. The processed information is then augmented by R-MOR’s highly-skilled cyber intelligence analysts and processed into a report detailing potential attack vectors.

The process is performed to identify both weaknesses (also referred to as vulnerabilities), including the potential for unauthorized parties to gain access to the organization’s data, enabling a full risk assessment to be completed.


The RECONIZER™ automatically maps exposed vulnerable assets from any source, anywhere, and at any time without the need of agents or any other installation on the client side. It identifies vector-of-attack from networks, systems, OP/OT, SCADA & IoT devices.


R-MOR has provided cyber defense on "Organic Media's" office, cloud and endpoint environment. We have managed to minimize their phishing attack attempts to 99% during 2019, without introducing nor purchasing solutions. In addition, we identified and mitigated endpoint attack attempts done on their local assets. We are proud to announce that we have expanded our projects with "Organic Media" and strive to provide the same high-standard services as they received until this point.
R-MOR conducted an intensive whitebox cyber assessment on all of TELECO's assets. The overall assessment that took place covered all cloud and on-premise infrastructure, assessing all the applications in place and those that are still in the design phase. Head of TELECO responds with a letter thanking R-MOR for excellent work performed.
R-MOR and Rafael Advanced defense systems are proud to announce their technological collaboration in the Cyberdefense field. Our companies have much in common – from a pioneering cyber security pedigree in innovative security concepts and practical integrations, to cyber defense capabilities which perform as impressively for any type of company that requires cyber defense.  It is a natural fit in many ways and the co-development of cyber solutions is hugely exciting for our companies, our fans and customers around the world.  The joint-services element of our agreement will additionally make our engineering expertise available to those wishing to engage our innovations.

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We Keep Top Notch Materials

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